Hit the road MSTs, don't you come around no more (Celyn)

It has been two weeks of assessments and assignments since my last post, and I’m glad to say that I’m still alive!

Of course, after the horrendous period of collective panic, last-minute cramming and just general anxiousness; university doesn’t stop and say “Hey, you look all tired out from those assessments. Perhaps I should ease up on you so you can catch your breath”. NOPE. That MST (mid-semester test) and assignment train just keeps on going.

Of course, it’s a great way to keep on track with your work. I find that around week 5 or 6 that my motivation level droops down just the slightest, so the reminder of an onslaught of assessments just being around the corner is a swift way to get my face out of Facebook and actually put my face in the right kind of book and study.

I’ve still got a few more assignments due next week so I shall share some ways I actually get some revision done.

  1. I have a study group for biology, which makes learning so much more fun (and easier). Instead of just asking each other questions when we get stuck on practice questions that we all do individually, we tend to do mini-tutorial style study sessions. This week, I was the ‘tutor’ for the 3 stages of transcription: I basically summarised basic concepts, then we discussed the tricky parts and went through practice questions together. We’re all kinetic learners, so it’s definitely an effective way for us to learn!
  2. I try to make the lecture content as memorable as possible- especially for topics that I find incredibly dull. This can range from making rap songs out of the DNA replication process to drawing funny faces on various psychologists to remember their exteeeeeeeensive theories on how social psyche works. (See below)
  3. Coffee becomes my best friend during this stressful time of semester.

Assessments may be extremely daunting but at least I can get a little relaxation time come mid-semester break. I’m already planning a short getaway to some exotic place where I’m not entirely sure how to say “I’m not from here, sorry”, let alone “Thank goodness assessments are finished for now”.

And with that, I bid you another adieu!


5 Responses to “Hit the road MSTs, don't you come around no more (Celyn)”

  1. Jake says:

    Did you just try to combine biology words with Ray Charles?

    1. Celyn Dagmang says:

      There is no try, only do!

  2. Johanna - Mia says:

    so. two things:

    1. I don’t know who the YOLO guy was supposed to be, but I like him.

    2. I just invited myself to your biology study session. No, you don’t have a choice. I am crashing. If I can find out where and when, that is. hahaha. but yeah, seriously – can I please crash in? 🙂

    3. I haven’t started the efly thing due tomorrow. wee.

  3. Johanna - Mia says:

    see? i’m too tired i can’t even count properly. three things. THREE. :))

  4. Celyn Dagmang says:

    1. Meet Dr. Charles Cooley. He believed that we see ourselves as others see us and therefore we should aim to ‘YOLO it’.
    2. Feel free to come along! We usually hang around the Lot 6 cafe, heads bent in intense discussion every 2nd Wednesday- now you know where we’ll be!
    3. Hopefully you sorted it out already! Procrastination is indeed a (w)itch.

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