Being Fashionably Late (Nicole)

Hi to anyone reading this! Appreciate the time you spare to read my intro post 🙂

I know I’m terribly late in doing this introduction blog post but hey what can I say? It’s fashionable to be late. Nah just kidding. I was late to a lecture the other day in Old Arts and you know how the Public theatre doors are located at the bottom so when you entered you will be coming from the back of the lecturer’s back (did I just use two backs?) and everyone will look at you. And I mean literally everyone. Including the lecturer. Who may or may not have a moustache, but is definitely glaring or trying to hide his/ her glare from you, who is trying to sneak into the lecture without anyone noticing but failed at that cos it is after all, the Public Theatre. Especially, being a first year, I can’t help but squirm when everyone’s head turned to look at me simultaneously when I entered the room..

As you can see, I tend to babble things off. Sometimes it could be pointless and just for the fun of it or sometimes it could be meaningful and full of insights and philosophical thoughts. That’s why I chose Arts. Cos Arts students are cool just like that and I wanna be the white-marble-statue-of-Aristoteles-style thinker. Nah just kidding, again. See, the reason I am currently enrolled as an Arts student is because I wanted to be a journalist someday. Unfortunately, Melbourne Uni doesn’t offer any Journalism degree or major and the closest thing to it would be media and communication, which will cover several subjects relating to journalism. I hope to write for New York Times in the future so there you go. My aspiration to become a journalist is so cliche. I love cliches, though. And irony. And sarcasm.

Anyways, topics I am passionate about would be:

-Politics (not the political theory such as liberalism and classicals, but the world politics as in now and here in this globalised century..currently doing international politics as well which is meh at the beginning but now it’s starting to warm up to me)

-Mythologies and folklores (greek myths, chinese tales, and the likes), books (I write book reviews as well in my personal blog- that has been sitting idle cos both me and my blog partner are focusing on unilife, if there is a life in uni really lol- at #shamelesspromotion #butidontcare)

-nutrition and fitness (who doesn’t love to sweat after a burning workout?! Maybe the clean, good-smelling person sitting beside you but on the other hand ask away any questions regarding keeping a balanced mental health and good physique in Melbourne Uni and I’ll try to answer as best as I could based on my experience)

-culinary and culture (I would spend hours on Wikipedia reading about the different kinds of borek from different countries or figuring out the different dishes of masala curry in India, Sri Lanka, or Pakistan)

-coffee and chai (I have an addiction with black coffee, the more bitter it taste the better and also I can never get why some people don’t enjoy the fragrant flavour of chai..I’ll cover about the top coffee and chai around and outside the campus that is, of course, college student pocket-money friendly later. Also, I’ll write a post reviewing carte and it’s heavenly crepes. I might be biased but it’s one of the best place to hang and relax with a cup of their honey chai latte and salted caramel crepe. You will most probably find me lounging there whenever the sun is out, during rainy days, and basically anytime I got the time except during hail or stormy days cos I’m not that crazy and they are not open for business as well when Melbourne’s crazy weather strikes up )

-women’s rights (I’m not what you call a hard-core feminist but some of my friends and family member would digress..I just have this affinity and utmost respect to Germaine Greer, Florynce Kennedy, and Virginia Woolf- even though the last one had bipolar and infamously died due to suicide..let’s scratch her off from my list of “people to have affinity with”, shall we?)

-the roaring 20’s (anyone saying Great Gatsby is pointless and that flappers are an annoying phase for the society will have to answer to me),

-The human mind and it’s inner workings (don’t you ever feel the human mind is so fascinating? Basically, I’m very interested in psychology but I don’t want to study all the heavy stuff that comes with it. I like to wonder how one person become the person he or she is today. Does any of you wonder about that as well? Like how our childhood and our choices in life shaped us. We make choices and choices makes us- yes, I think I just quote If I Stay, I’m kinda a sappy person- also I consider Sigmund Freud to be one of the greatest theorist in his field so there you go! I am cut out be an Arts student, after all).

-and there are just so many things I would like to share with you but I got two 1500 words essay due by this week so I’ll just share a meme I did for an assignment (tried to upload the image but being the slightly illiterate web 2.0 user that I am, I can’t seem to attach the meme so i’ll just give you an url again here. This is not a shameless promotion but instead it is for the greater good to lift up media and comm students’ reputation in the fun department.). Yes, this time I’m not kidding. There is a subject in Melbourne Uni that requires you to make memes and infographics as part of your assignment. So much win!




PS: by the by, I’m not in any of the clubs and societies this semester. Pathetic? Yes. Maybe. Do I regret it? No. I got more time to do my assignments, take on more job hours and shifts, and be as unsociable as I can. Please don’t take the last remark seriously 🙂






3 Responses to “Being Fashionably Late (Nicole)”

  1. Celyn Dagmang says:

    Coffee, chai, The Great Gatsby, psychology… You’ve just listed some of my favourite things ever. Hello, fellow awesome person!

    1. Nicole says:

      Hello to you too super awesome person! If you got any recommendation of good coffee and chai around the campus, please do tell me! 🙂

  2. Celyn Dagmang says:

    I’m actually currently planning a whole review post of the cafés around uni, so keep an eye out for that! (Spoiler: Shanti Bhagwan cafe near SMAC has the best kophai (chai+shot of coffee) I’ve ever had 🙂 )

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