Some Exciting News (Hiruni)

Hi everyone!

As compensation for my lateness in posting, I thought I’d share some pretty exciting news with you all. I will be travelling to Sri Lanka next week due to family reasons and won’t be back for a couple weeks. While I’m excited to be blogging from the tropics, I did have to make a few preparations to make sure I catch up with everything I’d miss.

My first worry was the lectures I couldn’t attend, normally this wouldn’t really be problem, except that yours truly is enrolled in a subject that doesn’t have lecture recordings. Luckily I was able to entrust a friend to share the notes that I’d miss out on, however, keep in mind that I don’t consider this a substitute for actually attending lectures!

Next on my list of preparations was organising how I would complete assignments that could not be submitted online. Since I had assignments that either had to be handed in person or were orals/presentations, I had to consult my tutors to see how I could work around this. After stressing over how to approach this, I was surprised to find that my tutors were more than willing to help me to either find an alternative time to do my presentation when I got back, or to hand it in online. And knowing that I had the support of my tutors helped me manage the rest of the coursework I would miss out on and kept me from stressing over study requirements.

Apologies for the short post, but I better start packing sometime soon.

I look forward to sharing my next post all the way from Sri Lanka!

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