Easter non-teaching period

I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break!

So at the end of last week, it was totally my intention to use this week for some hardcore reading, studying, catching up on missed lectures online and writing the two essays that I have due next week. It is now Thursday evening, and I have done NONE of that. I honestly can’t tell you what I have been doing in this time. Eating chocolate, having naps… probably watched some videos of cats doing funny stuff online too. With each day that passes, I recalculate how many words per day I’ll have to write in order to get my essays completed – I’m now up to 1000 words per day.

I’m just so good at coming up with excuses not to do it. Yesterday, my four year old son didn’t want to go to holiday club, so I figured that cancels out the day for study (even though he and his big sister literally spent the entire day sitting on the couch eating Cheezels and playing Minecraft). Today my husband worked from home so I could study while he watched the kids, but instead I took advantage of the opportunity for a morning nap, then figured that given I had to pick up my car from the repairers later in the afternoon, there was no point starting study, so I literally just sat around wasting time for four hours. In good news though, I have my car back after an accident EIGHT WEEKS AGO. No more cramming three kids into the tiny backseat of the little hire Kia we had!

This is something like packing my family into a small sedan.

In other good news, I had my first ever assignment graded and ended up with a H2A! I was stoked, especially after my initial confusion at reading the grades and thinking I had somehow failed (as all I could see under “grade” on the LMS was 0.00 – cue panic)! You’d think getting a good grade would really motivate me to get started on my essays and keep it up, right? Well, there’s no motivation like the last minute….


PS: I just started thinking about all the study I could get done tomorrow, but wouldn’t taking the kids to see the Spongebob movie be more fun?

2 Responses to “Easter non-teaching period”

  1. Johanna - Mia says:

    Congrats on your H2A! 🙂

    I know exactly how you feel! The procrastination bit, I mean, not the looking after your kids bit cause I’m utterly clueless there and am more often than not a punching bag for my 10 year old cousin. 🙂 It’s just so hard to get work done when the TV/ Facebook/ random things are just sooo interesting!

  2. Kat says:

    Let’s be honest, we all did a lot of procrastination during the ‘break’! Good job on such a great start to Uni!

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