I don't have to wear plaid to learn (Katherine Olivia)

Hey there!

Transitioning from High School to Uni life has been a huge part of my first year and after Week 8, I feel like I’m really settling into this new world. So I thought I’d share 3 little insights into what I’ve learned so far.

1. Getting into a routine.

Uni is a bit different to High School; and not just because you’re not required to wear an itchy uniform everyday.


“I don’t have to wear plaid today.”

For all of my subjects, I’ve got lectures, tutes and readings. For me, it’s important to do these in a certain way so that I’m maximising what I get out of that subject. For example, for Power I’ll do my readings before the lectures so I head into them with a bit of background knowledge. Tutes for this subject then serve as a forum to go into more depth and refresh what I learnt the week before. On the other hand, for Crim I like to do my readings after the lectures, because they expand on what was introduced in lectures and give me more of a grounding for tutes in the following week.

2. Free food.

I have a confession to make, I am a serial free food scavenger and Unimelb is like a cornucopia of sausages in bread. I don’t even like sausages that much, I just really appreciate free goods and services. So free BBQs and meetings with food and I are a match made in Parkville heaven.


“I didn’t have to pay for this.”

Heaps of clubs have weekly/fortnightly free meetings where food is often served, or just a good old BBQ with sausages, veggie burgers and drinks. So I would recommend signing up for those that pique your fancy. So far I’ve only joined two, but I will be signing up for the coffee and Italian clubs and the film society ASAP!

 3. Making friends.

I’ll admit that when I didn’t immediately make heaps of awesome new friends, I was a little disappointed. So when my friend Claire sent me a reading from her sociology subject that said it’s difficult to make friends at uni, given that we’re all on different schedules, I felt a bit better. Even though it can be intimidating, if you want to put yourself out there and make some new friends, do it! Strike up conversation with the person next to you in a tute or lecture, or join a club to meet a heap of people with similar interests!

*Side note: The rule of silence in “silent study spaces” is strictly enforced by the students who inhabit them. Even the quickest whisper or request to borrow a pen from your friend will be met with disdainful side-eye and a dominant “shhhh” from the student opposite you.

stop animated GIF

“I have neither a pen nor patience for your rule-breaking”.

Until next time,

Katherine Olivia

2 thoughts on “I don't have to wear plaid to learn (Katherine Olivia)

  1. I’ve been loving the free food as well, haha!
    Great advice on the readings – I’m probably going to restructure my study habits a bit now – thanks 🙂

  2. Oh it’s so great Bella.
    Thank you 🙂 They’re great plans when you stick to them haha, good luck!

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