Audition Experience/Expectations

August – the time of when applications open to apply for music courses.
The time when you get anxious of applying.
The time when things get intense.
Oh, Nicole remembers. 

YES! It is that time of the year! Future first year/transfer music students, here me out! Auditions can be nerve whacking, and that’s okay! If you can show them your talents, your passion, your determination to get into our, or any music course, they would be more than happy to have you here. First impressions is a must! Dress like you’re performing, be very polite and respectful to your examiners, and think twice before you say in your interview. Every minute counts. 15 minutes of your time and theirs is crucial. Give it your all. I know it’s scary and all, but I swear, if you know your stuff, and you’re confident about your pieces and answers, you’ll be flying with soaring colours. 

Here’s some more advice/expectations you’ll be facing if you’re auditioning at Melbourne:

  • If they ask you, “any other questions?”, just leave it. You can ask questions later, if you get accepted into our uni. If you want to ask when they would tell you if you are a successful applicant, they will be released in December. Boom, your questioned is being asked. If you want to ask simple questions about our music course, ask during open day, or google it. The examiners have a lot of applicants to get through. So, please don’t ask simple questions that can be answered during open day, or simply researching on our MCM page.
  • Be prepared when they ask you questions. Fortunately, I didn’t get asked any questions at Melbourne. But my friends did. Some of them were intense, and some of them were easy to say, if you know what you’re going to say.
  • It will be intimidating. The examiners will be tuff cookies, which makes the atmosphere feel scary. A few examiners will be chilled, but the others, 100% INTIMIDATING, and I mean it. I am overreacting, but it sure felt like I was in an intense scene, but in a music situation.
  • They will ask you scales, arpeggios, contrary motion, and even sight-read (not for pianists, win!).
  • There will be two examiners, sitting either in front or behind you (for pianists). 
  • There will be practise rooms to warm up. 15 minutes is the maximum you can warm up. There will be no one to knock at your door, saying you have to go to your auditions. You have to be independent and responsible with yourself.
  • Having someone there with you is always great. I always have somebody there with me to calm me down, or to give a pep talk for encouragement before going to an audition.
  • If they ask you, “how many hours should you practise a day?” The answer is three hours. Three is the magic number. Remember that advice. They’ll probably tell you off on the spot if you incorrectly answer that simple question. Hahaha.
  • They will hear snippets of your three pieces. Or even the whole entire three pieces if they’re eager. They’ll know the pieces. They always know how it ends. Please don’t expect they will stop you halfway from my advice. Just play it the whole piece until they say stop.
  • Caffeine is a no before auditions. Not a really good idea, bud. Nor drinking a lot of water before your audition.
  • Be calm and collected before and during your audition
  • If you had a bad audition, don’t worry. I had a horrible experience in my UoM audition, and I turned out to be fine in the end. Hahaha.
  • MUSICIANSHIP TESTING – just try your best. It will be hard, and crazy. Just like the GAT. Before your musicianship test, try talking to other musicians! You never know who you’ll be hanging in the next three years at Melbourne!
  • They are looking at how you perform your pieces, and how you can handle mistakes. Mistake, but made a good recovery = good musician.
  • Play like you mean it. Give it your all. 
  • Deep breaths. Try to control your nerves
  • Dress to impress. Wear performance gear. Just wear blacks, or a nice attire. I wore a red dress for my Melbourne Uni audition, because it looked nice and elegant, and that worked pretty well. Hahaha.
  • Don’t be intimidated by what the other applicants are playing. You is you. Them is them. Focus on yourself. You have a different repertoire, and it’s okay.
  • 15 minutes will go by fast. So make use your and their time like your telly is high quality – good and nice. 
  • Be very polite, and greet them before and after your audition. No matter how intense or horrible it was during your audition, remember to thank your examiners, and wish them a nice day. Oh, and remember to smile!
  • Be yourself, but please do show them that you’re worth it. Good impressions = more likely it is to get in.
  • Please be waiting outside your allocated room 5 minutes before auditioning
  • Getting there early is a good thing. 30 minutes early is a great thing to do.
  • Have fun, and feel the music.
  • Celebrate after your audition! No matter how bad, or good you went, go celebrate your ass off. You worked hard for it. I think you should go out and celebrate.
  • In every audition, the examiners will be the head of your instrument, and one of your instrumental teachers of the con. 

My thoughts when I had my audition at the con?

BEFORE my audition

“HAHAHAHAA. I’m not going to get into Melbourne.”
“This place doesn’t feel right to me. Why is that? I think Monash is perfect for me.” (Present Nicole – I was sure wrong. Melbourne is a perfect University for a pianist. HAHAHA. No further comments.)
“I feel like I’m being pressured into playing for my piano teacher, not for me.”
“These baby grand pianos – WOW.”
“Practise, practise, practise.”
“5 minutes till audition time, better wait outside.”
“HI, other pianist!”
“Should I say hi? They look serious, better not. LOLLOLLOL”
“That pianist looks lost, better help them direct.”
“THEY PLAY SO GOOD. *worries*”
*When they call you up* “It’s my time to shine. OKAY! I shall perform for myself. No one else. Although, my mum however”

AFTER my audition

“Well… that was fun.”
“I feel embarrassed. Let’s go home. Actually, let’s go shopping.”
^This is when I purchased my performance dresses. Hahhahhahhaa

WEEKS after my audition



Music suggestion for this post? All to myself by Guy Sebastian 😉

– Nicole

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