What I Have Learnt So Far

Being a first year opens up a new chapter in life, and I have learnt a lot of things about uni and life in general. Such as..

1. Things can get crazy

You have no idea how it is hectic for first years. It’s like them saying, “Here’s all your assignments, readings, studying, practising, things you have to do. Have fun!” And I’m here thinking, “Woaaaaaaahhh. Say what?”

I knew things will get super busy and hectic, but not as this intense as what I’d imagine it would be. This is where time management comes in and saves your life, but I haven’t been doing a great job this semester. I felt like I was dying in the inside, couldn’t handle on what has been thrown on my hands. I did handle it at the end, when things started to look up. However, when I looked back, I realised I was in a huge mess. Jesus Christ, I was that I thought I was doing okay back then, but actually I was not doing okay.

2. Things may not go as what you wanted to be

Whether it would be completing your assignment last minute, or practising for hours to get it right… then crying yourself to sleep mentally, just because you didn’t get it right, or it was a crappy practise session. Sometimes, friendships doesn’t go the way you wanted to be during uni, or studying, as we all experience that way. New experiences sometimes brings some old experiences to an end, or not being connected with them, as you would’ve been. Things happen, and that’s okay. We have crap days, we have hard days, then we have easy days, and I totally would give a hug, if somebody is going through a hard time.

I find that reconnecting with your extended friends, who are off in separated directions, are hard to do these days. I still think about them each day, and hoping we could catch up some day, but I’m so busy, that I couldn’t do so. This is where social media comes to play, but it is never the same as meeting up with them like usual, rather than seeing updates online. However, I know that I will catch up with them some day… when summer break comes in. Haha! I trust them that they still think about our friendship at our hearts. Hahaha!

3. You don’t need to have fun in social events with alcohol

Yes, alcohol is in our Aussie culture, and in any University/College culture, but it needs to be controlled and should be responsible for their limits. I found that when one drinks too much, it is not a fun party at the end of it. I’m going to be very honest here, it is not a great scene to see or experience when somebody gets sick, or when somebody tries to influence you to drink more. I guess that is okay, since it happens legitimately all the time, and I accept the fact that these things happen all the time. I personally think it is great to have fun when sober, and get to go home safely after each social event. Also, I’d rather spend my money greatly on things that are fun such as inflatable world, bounce and rock climbing. That’s my opinion, and I accept your thoughts that came with this fact I learnt.

4. It is not fun when doing things last minute, when you don’t know what is going on

This is self-explanatory, it’s not fun. Trust me. I think we have gone through this bandwagon, and we all know it is NOT FUN. AT ALL. I throughly enjoyed doing my Baroque and Classical assignments on the last day, after I have been researching for each assignments for two weeks. Yeap, it takes ages to research. Haha.

5. Studying with friends helps a lot

I wish I did this earlier in Semester Two. I love studying with friends –  they give me motivation and energy to do so. I shall fix that up for the remaining three weeks of semester two with my studying habits. Hahahaha.

6. Light, and greenery helps with concentration

Research says that, if we look at a greenery, with some vitamin D involved (bonus points), for 10 minutes, we increase our concentration levels. When I have been practising at VCA this week, I found that I’m more focused, and relaxed, comparing with practising at the basement of the con. I’m afraid of making that change when semester resumes again (practising at VCA), but I’ll try it for one day, and see how it goes.

7. When you feel lost with yourself, take a break, and find yourself

To be honest, I was lost with myself. I wasn’t me at all. I’m an organised, time efficient person, I’m a happy, energetic person, and I just like to smile a lot. This semester turned me around, and it affected me badly. When mid-semester came in, I wanted to connect with myself again, by doing the things I love – to swim, and be active. Being active makes my life so much easier, and I never regret doing so. Please do this (being more active) when feeling like you need help with your life and uni. It helps out a lot.

8. Things will be easier when you start looking at how much you have gone through, such as improvements in your practises, memorising a piece, having confidence with yourself

Take baby steps, and look back on how much you have improved, or thinking how you’re surviving well so far.

9. Confidence, and balance to every thing that throws at you is the key to every thing

Confidence is finding that voice in your mind that helps you push through is one of the things that can get you through uni. Or, finding someone that helps you be the better you. I wish I had that friend again that motivates me to be a better person, but actually the only person you will last say is your mum, or your good friends who were actually there for you when no one else was. If you want to find yourself some confidence, find a way to know that you can actually do it. For example, doing more performance practise, practising your memory intensively, or something like that. There’s this musician who will not perform, unless he has written the entire score on a manuscript paper. THE ENTIRE PIECE. AKJERKDJFHGAKLENRADF

Balance is when time management, organisation kicks in. I haven’t been consistent this semester. I wish I could’ve been productive and more organised, but things happen. (Boy, I’m using the excuse ‘things happen’, ugh. That is not great)

Lastly, 10. It is not fun, if you haven’t done music theory yet when undertaking music studies

If I had done my AMEB Music Theory exams before starting uni, life would’ve been easier. So, for first years 2016, I REALLY suggest to hold on to your theory books. I have done studies of it, but I have never taken the actual exam before. I should really get on with that. They all expect you to have already learnt it, but we never seem to really have full support on those who haven’t done so yet, or who has done poorly in their music studies.

I never seem to have a strong knowledge in theory, which made me go into struggle town. I tell you, it is the worse thing ever to be in a stage where you’re struggling with tertiary music studies, when you skipped a level so you could be where every one has started with this year. *cough, cough* Music Language and Aural Studies.

When I had finally slightly caught up with my musical knowledge, it has become easier, and wondering why I didn’t continue studying my Grade 3 theory throughout this semester! Damn you, past me. Damn you.

That’s all from me! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

– Nicole <3

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