Freedom Has Come

I can’t believe it that I have finished first year.
I survived through the hard times.
I survived through those last minute assignments.
I survived through practical and written exams.
I survived it all.

I’m still amazeballs that I had made it. The feeling is truly rewarding, while trying not to have any negative thoughts of what I did wrong, or regretting I should’ve worked hard for each of my subjects. What I’m truly happy with myself is how I held myself together through all those hard times, when I was about to give up on my repertoire. During those hard times, I was so frustrated with my pieces, that I think I broke down crying in frustration silently in the practise room, because it was that hard Bach then. But thanks to all of the support and encouragement, I got through those hard obstacles in one piece, and I managed to perform it at my recital.

First year, Bachelor of Music students is truly full on. We had to learn pieces in three months for our tech exam, and probably three to five months of learning our recital program, we had to grasp quickly on how we should do our assignments in our music subjects, and we had to face heavy commitment of practising. That’s pretty much in a nutshell, I could probably go on forever on what we had to face in our full time studies.

Again, all I could say it was pretty full on for first year. In total, we took ten subjects (five in each semester), including practising commitments, plus studying for our academic electives, breadth subjects, work, and other extra-curriculum commitments as well. Don’t worry, subject intake will get lesser in each year. In second year, we take nine subjects for the year, then possibly eight in third year. It’s great and all, but as we get closer to finishing our degree, practising commitments are essential. The way it works in our degree is, you have to do well in your performance, aiming for at least a H2B, then at least a pass for all of our subjects. Instrumental teachers have an expectation on what every body should get, when doing tertiary studies.

Even though there were obstacles along the way, I really enjoyed the experience of studying as a full-time music student. It made me learnt about what I could do to improve myself as a musician, and as a person. The people that came along with my journey was amazing, and I felt like I was apart of the family of the con, and the university already. Coming from a high school, where I was the only person who is studying classical music in my cohort at my high school, into a degree surrounded by other music students was truly satisfying, and I felt like I belonged with this community.

Looking back into the past made me think, “Woah, look at how much I had achieved!” But also thinking deeply of how I became a better musician and as an individual. To be honest, I’m still amazed that I made it to uni, despite of how I struggled with school in the past, and every day I surprise my family till this day. I never regret coming into Melbourne Uni to study music. I know it is the place for me, and I wouldn’t thank enough for MCM for me being a part of this music program.

Next year, it will be an exciting year! I am a first year representative for the next batch of BMus first years! I am super excited to meet them to welcome to our unique family. I’m also will be auditioning for Melbourne Youth Orchestra 2016 (HOW EXCITING IS THAT?). Following by that, I’m going to be involved with accompanying one of my friends in the first semester of 2016 in Concert Class (SUPER EXCITING!). I’m also rehearsing for an audition for Piano Duo and Duet with another friend for first semester of 2016, and I’ll be having plenty of performances upcoming in concert class, if I’m willing to do so. So, I’ll be pretty busy in the summer!

Concluding my last post of the year, I am so happy and thrilled to be apart of this blogging community, and will love to continue on into second year blogging community for more updates. I loved sharing my experiences as a con student, including my sorrow frustrations, and emotions. 

So, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for reading these posts. Thank you for this great opportunity. 

Thank you, and goodnight.
– Nicole Ng <3

PS: For the first years of 2016, embrace the change, embrace of what is coming up next, and focus to achieve at least a Pass, or even at least higher than that, if you can. But most of all, following by our motto, Believe. Believe in yourself, believe you can accept every challenge that comes by. You can only make the change, and accept the challenges that pushes by towards you. That should be all from my wisdom of words and thoughts. 🙂

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