First Impressions (Eyre)

First posts, while they don’t come big, they don’t come often either, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to you, dear reader. After some thought on approaches, I think my pick would be the AA-style you’d see on movies and TV. Here we go.

Hi, my name is Eyre (ˈɛːri), and I’m a First Year student. From the first three weeks of being in Melbourne, I’ve already felt the rush of the Uni life. From the odd schedules (for many who weren’t so lucky), to the assignment rush (you should probably stop reading this and finish yours if you haven’t), to understanding the term ‘Jaffy’ (took me a while, so not telling!). In any case, it’s been a doozy and it’s not even a month yet. I’m sure those of you reading this would understand the toll it can take on some people, particularly people like me who moved in from outside Australia.

Luckily, the experience doesn’t just end there, and that’s what I aspire to chronicle here. With the occasional hardship there’s lessons to be learnt, nuances to be absorbed, friends to rely on, and most importantly memories to be made. Melbourne is a city of surprises, a melting pot of culture, entertainment, academics and so much more to simply pass by and store away. Join me as I traverse the life of a university student Down Under, similarly like many other ex-Jaffys who blogged here for the past decade and current Jaffys I’m sure you’ll also get acquainted to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I write here, similarly as I hope I’ll enjoy my first year in Australia (or at the very least survive it).

Let the journey begin..

Oh, also, I love The Simpsons. Don’t be surprised at a sudden burst of Simpsons pics/references. 😉

Eyre (Peso)

4 thoughts on “First Impressions (Eyre)

  1. And what a great journey it will be! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying life in Melbourne so far. Looking forward to reading all about your first year experience!

  2. Sounds like you’ll love it here in Melbourne Eyre! And I love the Simpsons too! I’ll be looking out for some quotes and gifs throughout your posts this year maybe… 😄

  3. Hi Eyre, pleased to meet you, and congratulations for being in this wonderful blog community! I hope you enjoy first year like I did, despite of having ups and downs! I’ll be looking forward to your first year experience ! 🙂

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