Arriving into April (Eleanor)

So, somehow we’ve made it. Four weeks in and ready to face the assessment wave after SWOT vac – Study With Out Teaching vacation. Hopefully it presented a chance to redeem all those missed lectures and work hard, otherwise it can become a Silly Waste Of Time instead. Almost like a flashback to the last week of term holidays in high school…


My name is Eleanor and I’m learning about language and linguistics here at Melbourne University. To be honest, I never imagined studying arts – yet now I’m writing for this blog and changing from psychology to criminology.

Studying at university does propose a challenge, for example – running to and fro back-to-back classes, jumping over people to find a seat in lectures, early starts in the morning…

But despite all these (any many more, varying upon faculty), university is extremely rewarding. During high school, always dreamed of doing homework without having to push myself – and although that isn’t entirely the case (procrastination is unavoidable for some!) it is definitely easier. And, of course, fun once you get into it!

I’ll confess – I procrastinate. In fact, I put off posting this for a while until April had swung around, meaning I had to change the former title ‘Marching into March’. Nevertheless I hope to overcome this, if not completely but partially, by sticking to a schedule this year and getting all assignments in on time! My aim for my first semester (and hopefully second) is to complete with no extensions.

Does everyone else have goals for 2016? Maybe it’s time to relive your new years’ resolutions! I remember mine being something related to exercise… unfortunately my fitness currently consists of climbing the Redmond Barry staircase to my tutorial on the 7th floor every week. Fortunately it is ‘Active April’ this month so maybe I can transform my activity as well!

Good luck for the upcoming whirlwind of a week everyone.



2 thoughts on “Arriving into April (Eleanor)

  1. Thank you Eleanor for this new definition of SWOT. Do a google search for a TED talk by Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.

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