A Neat Observation

Outside of studies, Moving to Melbourne would still definitely bring a culture shock to most people, and as with such most of us have to adapt to the changing customs, different language, and higher prices (le sigh). Fortunately, something about that first part is a thing that I can definitely get used to.

I’ve noticed that in many places I go to, there’s almost always a stranger who’s willing to leave the door open for me to pass through, say “excuse me” when going through a crowd, even greet me with a friendly “morning mate, how’s your day” or the brief “hi”. Everyone seemed to be more friendly everywhere from my morning stroll to a math lecture, even to the (very) occasional bar visit at night, which compared to the indifferent people I pass by back home, seems to be a step above and beyond.

I was particularly impressed by the particular treatment I received whenever I visit this café at the side of the Alice Hoy. One of the servants actually memorised my name despite me only being there about 3-4 times to date, and the hostess always waits inside ready to greet anyone who comes in and ask “would you like something to drink, or some food?”.

While a mere observation, I’d think Melbourne has set a very good impression up to now. I’d just wish this happened to many other countries I go to.

Side note: Can anybody tell me why they call those rooms at the David Caro/Physics South Building “podiums”? I’d understand if there’s at least an actual podium in any of those, of which there aren’t to my observation. Brownie points to whoever can give an answer.

Eyre (Peso)

One thought on “A Neat Observation

  1. So happy to hear that you’re liking Melbourne Eyre!
    One thing I have noticed which I find makes a huge difference to how I start the day is when the tram driver says “…and have a lovely day” over the speaker as we get to the Melbourne Uni tram stop in the morning. They don’t have to say anything, but choose to wish a group of strangers a nice day just to be nice!
    And I’ll try to find out about that Physics conundrum when I next have a class in the podium. You’re right, I’ve never thought of what the name actually means hahaha!

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