Too Close for Comfort

As I sit in the MSLC, shaking but relieved, I want to reflect on what, just, happened.

Last week, I got some very good news, as the deadline to one of my assignments issued by a subject within the Maths and Statistics faculty has been extended to today from last Friday at 5PM. This is a relief since many of the other assignments are lining up towards deadlines before ANZAC day (2 assignments Friday, 1 Sunday). Thankful, I re-prioritised and did all the assignments due earlier. Eventually, I did get to the bottom of my work pile and finished it just in time for a relaxing Monday, playing the new Terra Swoop Force (It’s a Minecraft map, don’t judge me) for the remainder of the day.

Today came around and I made my way to my first morning lecture, after which I spent a relaxing afternoon in the Rowden White Library, listening to the faint noise of BABBA performing just outside in the North Court. Around 2, I set off, thinking I might just go home, humming ‘Dancing Queen’, when I realised I haven’t submitted the assignment due today. Silly me. I walked to the assignment lockers beside the Wilson Computer Lab, and that’s where I saw it. Heart, stopped.

The boxes were already blocked off with the usual paper, stating that the assignments were already collected. I quickly opened up my laptop and referred to the email that stated the due date change. I recalled it simply said that the due date was changed to the 26th, until I saw the email which said that the due date was moved to the 26th… at noon. Heart, sank.

Realising that there is nothing I can do aside from apologising and telling the truth, I quickly made my way to the lecturer’s office. Thankfully, while the lecturer was initially away, the lecturer came back quite quickly. Explaining the situation that I did not remember the time shift in the due date, I apologised. Much to my surprise and immense relief, the lecturer said that I was not the only one to do so and that the lecturer would be fine in waiving the noon deadline and accepting submissions by myself as well as others in a similar predicament. After profusely thanking the lecturer for accepting, I went back down to the ground floor, quickly sat down, and here we are.

While it is a relief that I still managed to submit the assignment, the near-zero experience is a real wake-up call. Other subjects’ teachers might not be as forgiving, and as such I cannot let myself forget something so important again.

P.S. If the particular subject lecturer is reading this blog entry, once again I apologise for my forgetfulness.

Eyre (Peso)

3 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort

  1. Oh you poor thing! That’s exactly the kind of thing that I would do! At least it all got sorted out 🙂 (Beautifully written, by the way!)

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