Bear Down


Week 12 everybody! Back in middle/high school, I’m already kicking back in class, watching a movie as part of the last subject class of the school year, saying farewells to those moving away early. Ever since Year 12 though, I learnt that the last week of teaching is just the calm before the storm.

For some subjects, you’re probably working on your final assignments for submission, I know one of my subjects still has one due sometime after Week 12, but last minute submissions are a definite no-no, as I’ve learnt before. However, it is more likely that one or more of your subjects will have to pass through the dreaded semester formal exams. While some of you are probably well-adjusted to exams and come prepared, I know that I am inadequately prepared for one of my exam subjects (which happens to be Mathematical).

One thing I always remember around similar times is not to give up, and as stereotypical little Ken Jeong said up there: “Bear Down”. This close to the exams and with the burden looming, I start to have this thing at the back of my head, telling me that it’s not that bad to give up. If you have a similar voice, don’t reason with it. With friends, family, even tutors and your own notes vying to support you, it’s ill-advised not to take advantage of them to pass your subject. Focus, get your priorities in order, and you’ll find that the convolution will start to disappear.

Winter is coming, and with the coming anxiety and pressure, the game is on. Don’t give up, and Bear Down for Exams.

also gl 🏻✌

Eyre (Peso)

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