Growing Up Exam (Aimee)


Hello there, my readery friends!

You look like a combination of bone-dead tired and euphorically-expectant. Could it be because it’s nearly holidays?

How did I guess? Just call me psychic…

While you’ve been out there doing all the things that blog-readers usually do, I (and my poor fellow first years) have entered Swot Vac. (Seriously, which nincompoop so irresponsibly put the words ‘swot’ and ‘vacation’ together?!?) Ultimately, this unforgivable word-combo spells one big disaster waiting to happen: exams!

On that note, please excuse me while I creatively express my feelings on this subject…


All better!

Call me crazy, but, with this exam thingymajig looming over me, I haven’t had the time of my young life. It started last Monday when, after 14 days of sweat and blood spent on a major assignment, I had to sweat and bleed even more in the name of revision. Very soon, I went utterly, completely, stark-raving mad. (And that’s an understatement!) By Thursday, I was falling asleep on any available surface (my desk included) and I realised that I hadn’t been outside in five days. What was worse, all that studying made me pre-verbal. To sum up, the kettle became “that silvery-black thing that hot water comes out of – I’ve used it at least six times today”. (Don’t judge me – I forget the names of inanimate objects when I’m stressed!)

Let’s face it: exams are the ultimate enemy of fun.

Or are they?

You see, my blog-reading chum, after four days of going bonkers, I had a revelation from the god of university students. What was this revelation? Well, I can tell it to you in two words:


And now for the longer version… I’d been studying so hard, that a lot of important things got thrown-out with the recycling. Things like nail-painting, Star Trek marathons and that vital midday appointment with my bed. Why? Because I’m a grown-up and studying is what grown-up people do. (At least, if they want a decent start in life…)

Well, here’s a spanner in the works: I don’t want to grow up! If growing up means working myself to the point of insanity, so that I can enjoy myself when I’m old, frankly, I want no part of it! I want to feel young and free. Free to jump on my bed until the springs break. Free to swing on the washing line. Free to write nutty confessions in a blog-post and not care, because what other people think doesn’t matter to me. (Hint, hint!) Free to just enjoy myself.

So, these past few days, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

In honor of my regression to childhood, I’ve devised interpretive break-dances in my bedroom. I’ve performed flashlight-karaoke in the dark to my favourite Mika songs. I even did the geekiest thing imaginable and ate fish fingers with custard as a demonstration of love for Dr Who. (Actually, it tasted pretty good!)

Ahem… say nothing!

To top it all off, I did something which all my friends found to be absolutely scandalous. I took the weekend off. (Shocking, I know!)

Now, I feel great.

Don’t misunderstand me, my reader buddies: I am no stranger to responsibility and I take my responsibility to study very seriously. But, somehow, with all this talk about growing-up, I nearly lost the one thing that made childhood the ultimate-time-to-be-alive: FUN.

So, here I am, readers, on the brink of a revolution. And I want you all behind me.

Whether you’re old or young, student or teacher, parent or business executive, I dare you to reclaim your childhood. I dare you to dance and sing when you want. I dare you to sleep when you want – even if it’s during your lunch-break. I dare you to eat what you want – even if it’s something crazy like fish-custard or a triple-decker ice-cream sandwich. I dare you to have fun, in your own way, and forget about what other people think of you or what society thinks you should be doing. (Stressing out about exams, for example!)

In short, I dare you to never grow up. Because, I’ve discovered that growing-up doesn’t have to mean what we think it does. It definitely does NOT have to mean the end of fun.

Thank you and good afternoon! 🙂

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  1. Ariana says:

    We’re 100% behind you, Amy! The truth is, the more relaxed (yet alert) you are, the better you will study. Taking a weekend off and doing things you enjoy are great ways of reaching this state of mind. Good luck with your exams and I hope by now the worst is behind you.

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