Woah! Half way there! (And Elections) [Raphael]

We’re half way through semester two! And while many of us may very well be “living on a prayer” that we won’t be swamped with assignments, I think us first years should be congratulated on making it this far, it’s certainly not a walk in the park!

I’m feeling particularly tired at the end of this week, having been on rehearsal Bandcamp for the Engineering Music Society (EMS) last weekend (a load of fun and great music practice) and having stayed at Uni late yesterday because the electing the new committee at the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) took almost 4 hours! Plus I had three assignments to submit today, and have just finished the last one (yay!)

Clubs are often spruiked to be a fantastic way to connect with like minded people on campus, but they are also a great way to develop your professional skills as a member of their committees. The committee is responsible for managing the club, organising their events and securing funding from the student union. There’s a lot that goes into planning every club activity, and if you’re interested in becoming a part of the organisation of your favourite club, you can attend their AGM where any member can run for a place! Remember, clubs are run by students for students, and one of those students can be you!

I was already on the general committee of EMS, and retained my position for the next year which I’m thrilled about! There are heaps of AGMs coming up this semester, and I’ve got my eye on the Italian Club’s next! 🇮🇹

Even higher than club elections, the student union itself is holding their elections next week, where every student has the ability to vote for positions such as the president, office-bearers, and committee of UMSU (University of Melbourne Student Union). All the candidates run in their own political parties called tickets, and I’ve have been told things can get quite intense around Union House for the week, with how-to-vote pamphlets being shoved in your face whenever you get too close to the polling booths!

I know we’ve already had a federal election this year (the first time many of us school leavers voted) but hang in there for one more ballot paper, because this one’s important. Those elected will be your student voice for the next year, and with only a 5% student voter turnout over the past few years, it’s even more important to have your say of the running of the union!

So vote for who you think will represent you best, and good luck avoiding eye contact and dodging numerous flyers over the week!!

I hope it gives everyone a bit of motivation to know that the semester’s half done, have a good weekend!

Raph ☺️

One thought on “Woah! Half way there! (And Elections) [Raphael]

  1. Congratulations on maintaining your EMS committee position – wonderful news! Thanks also for the reminder about the upcoming UMSU election – another great opportunity to have your say.
    And…you did it! Half way!!!

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