ChannelFluffy Episode 1: Let the Adventure Begin! (Anita)

Greetings from Unimelb!

(Lies, lies. But since this is the official Unimelb first year blog, hmmm I guess I’m not wrong)

Hello there! My name is Anita and along with Kat and Tessa, I’m one of the first year bloggers for 2017. Like all the other bloggers have done, I would like to take this first blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

First of all, I see myself as a anti-mainstream girl who loves to try new things. Since I have never made video blogs (or vlogs) before and no one has ever posted a vlog here, this year I am going to do a mixture of video and written blogs (hopefully). So here you go, my first vlog attempt!

Hopefully you know me a bit better now! So dear my readers/audience, welcome aboard First_Year@Unimelb Airlines Flight ANITA10001. If you haven’t already done so, please fasten your seatbelt and adjust your seat to upright position, as there might be turbulence along the way. In the event of hysterical laughter, unfortunately the oxygen masks will not appear in front of you. And I’m sorry that there is no emergency exit in this aircraft, but you are welcome to follow us by clicking the log in button on the top left hand side. This applies to all Unimelb citizens and other passport holders.If you require any special assistance, please contact a flight attendant (Me!) by leaving a comment below.

On behalf of First_Year@Unimelb Airlines and the entire crew, I would like to thank you for joining us on this trip. Have a pleasant flight!

Anita 🙂

(And yes you are welcome to call me Fluffy)

P.S. In case if anyone is wondering, the mask I’m wearing is supposed to be a cat. I will try to make the whiskers more visible in the next video!

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