ChannelFluffy Episode 3: Banana (A.K.A the core subject you don’t like) Revolution! (Anita)

No, you didn’t read it wrong and I’m not drunk. It’s banana revolution. I become a bunch of bananas.

To avoid spoilers, I better stop my introduction here and let you watch the video.

To be honest, I found uni is much more challenging than high school. We all know what we are going to expect on the final exam of IB economics – there will be some essay questions in paper 1, articles and short answers in paper 2 and calculations in paper 3. We all know the final exam is gonna be similar to the past papers based on the same syllabus. However, I was completely thrown by the amount of questions on the Introductory Microeconomics (don’t worry, it is not “bananas”, I quite enjoyed the subject despite finishing the exam was a bit of pain) paper and it is nothing like the exams in 2016. For some other subjects, the online tutors refused to answer some questions simply because “I can’t tell you”. My first uni exams were my most underprepared exams for no doubt, and I guess that is something we all need to go through after twelve years of spoon-feeding.

Again, thanks for watching my video and have a well-deserved winter break! Meanwhile I’ll try to upload more videos!

Anita 🙂

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