The Winter Not-So Blues (Kat)

If you’re a first year like me, when you think of fresh starts, you probably think of flipping the calendar to February; where a ‘first day back’ filled with whispers of summer adventure, long queues at the Co-Op and the remnants of patchy sunburn, awaits. A completely clean slate, with new subjects, new classes and a certain apprehensiveness when it comes to locating those new tutorial rooms…

But, as most of you reading probably realise, at uni you only have to flip the calendar to July for the chance at a clean slate. Being the jaffy (try urban dictionary if you’re confused) that I am, it feels bizarre to start again mid-year. 12 weeks go by and you feel like you’re finally starting to make friends in your classes, then *poof*, the break happens and you don’t know anyone all over again. Strangely enough though, I feel excited about semester two. I’ve got the kind of renewed motivation that only comes after a decent break – and even if it disappears within the first week like always, it’s enough to remind me why I’m studying in the first place.

The thing about this ‘fresh start’ is that it’s not quite like all the others. Yes, I’ll probably still get lost trying to find my new classes, and that first day back will probably still involve a long queue at the Co-Op (!!), but this time, a little experience is on our side. This time, I already know I can drop by House of Cards when I’m keen for caffeine. This time, I know that the Systems Gardens is the best place to go when you need a little peace and quiet. This time, I even know where to locate my favourite study nook (I think I could write an ode to Arts West, honestly!). Because this time, the things that were so dazzlingly new a few months ago, are now refreshingly familiar. And because of that, I wonder what I will see and do this semester, now that I’m not quite so overwhelmed?

What do you think?

This Gif has almost zero relevance, I just think it’s fabulous. Indulge me!




2 Responses to “The Winter Not-So Blues (Kat)”

  1. tcanning says:

    Hi Kat,

    Thank you for writing this, I can’t say I feel the same way but your optimism is comforting.

  2. hendersona says:

    Thinking back to this time last semester, you’ve come so far. Hope the first few weeks are treating you kindly.

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