Wild READING appeared! (Tharidi)

You have 24 hours to find the reading for tomorrow’s tute. You never bought the course reader. You said it was a waste of money.

Every other reading was online. This one would be too. You got cocky.

The reading’s not online. You’re screwed. Or, maybe not.

You search the reading on Discovery. You’ll be fine. There’s no way Discovery doesn’t have it.

Discovery doesn’t have it. Discovery’s never seen that reading in its life.

Now you’re screwed. It’s not on LMS or in the library.

Give up? No. Knowing your luck, the tutor will ask you about the reading tomorrow.

There’s only one thing that can save you now.

You search the entire book/journal in the library catalogue. Score! There’s an online copy.

You download it. You read the required pages.

You’re safe for another week.

One Response to “Wild READING appeared! (Tharidi)”

  1. Ariana says:

    Phew! 😀 Tenacity pays off.

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