Studying? I don’t know her… (Tharidi)

Hi all!

Semester’s nearly over and an influx of exams and assignments are approaching. Need an effective study spot? I was reflecting on the 11 weeks I’ve experienced on campus and these are the locations I would recommend:


The tranquillity of nature will lull you into thinking that everything is okay, which is useful when you have 5 assignments due the same day. It’s an isolated and generally uncrowded area and the scarcity of benches encourages you to become one with nature (i.e. sit on the grass). If peace and quiet is what you’re looking for then System Garden is your match! Bonus points for it being the location where on 2 occasions I saw an absolutely adorable dog. I may have been distracted but it was totally worth it!


If you’re brave enough to ignore the Please Do Not Study signs, the Rowdy will become you’re best friend to get you through 25-page readings. Being immersed in a library setting complements the task of reading essays, articles and books. Additionally, all the little nooks, crannies and coves that this library has to offer are perfect for independent studying. The only downside is that being so close to Bands, Bevs and BBQ, and having the library frequently play its own music, means that you will feel the thumping of the bass in your veins and be reminded of pop songs you really wanted to forget!


This computer lab’s vicinity to other buildings (e.g. Elisabeth Murdock and Physics South) make it my frequent spot for shorter periods of study in between classes. There are a number of desktop computers for you to download and complete readings, catch up on workshop feedback forms and touch up on assignments. Completely irrelevant, but the entrance gives you a view to the practical lab that lies opposite this room, and as an Arts student whose planning on never doing chemistry again, I take great pleasure in watching students frantically shove on lab coats as they’re late to their workshops. So I guess bonus points for entertainment???


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to frequent when you need to fight a losing battle against procrastination!     – Tharidi 🙂

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