Veterinarian? Sociologist? Dancer? Hmm

¡Buenas tardes!

I’m Nicole, a Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Bachelor of Arts student, though if I’m being honest I should probably tell you that this is my third degree, officially Mature Age now. Yes, I have an addiction and it is called Learning. *sigh*

The path to where I am now hasn’t been quite straightforward – I graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 but have decided to return to study to create a career using my unique mix of degrees and follow new passions. I have no idea where I am going but moving to Spain in 2017 definitely changed my mindset about static careers and following the status quo. I’m focusing on the journey and not the destination ¡qué será, será! Current thoughts are sociology, philosophy and positive psychology but really, Arts is so varied and my mind is being lit up by so many different subjects I can’t make a decision just yet!

I am language obsessive compulsive and so far have Swedish and Spanish under my belt, hopefully with more to come. There is nothing on this earth more satisfying and challenging than going from looking at foreign characters on a page and hearing sounds that sound like Elvish (yes, this is what Swedish sounds like to new ears) and ending up having full conversations and writing essays in that language like it has always been a part of you. I’ve enrolled in a Diploma of Languages to maximise the subjects I can take in my Arts degree and study on exchange in Latin America in a few years.

Outside of uni I work as a veterinarian, yes I still love animals and always will, but I am seeing what other pathways are available to someone with a veterinary degree and an open mind. Being the Salsa and Flamenco dancing fiend that I am you can find me at any of the Latin or Flamenco nights in Melbourne or in the dance studio I built at the back of my house for midnight dance sessions. Have I already mentioned obsessive?

I love being back on campus surrounded by so many progressive people and opportunities, it feels like I have found where I need to be. Last semester in Arts was incredibly eye opening and fulfilling in a number of ways and I am glad I made the decision to return, even though a few people disagreed with my decision. I’m afraid I am now beyond the point of following other people’s expectations for my own life and am just seeing where my interests take me. My current challenge is trying to be less of a Scientist and more like an Arts student, adapting my brain to a more “conceptual and critical” style of thinking rather than my very “black and white, memorise this” scientific formula style. I am enjoying this and can’t wait for Semester 2 to begin!

Looking forward to having you on the adventure  ¡hasta la próxima!

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