Best places to study in SWOTVAC

I have discovered that the best time to be in the library is on holidays – all I currently see is a barren wasteland of empty chairs and the occasional person hiding behind a laptop. This is completely the opposite to the SWOTVAC library experience were where hunting for chairs is the norm and there will be at least one annoying person trying to eat a muesli bar in the silent section.

The best places to study in SWOTVAC are usually empty classrooms in random buildings. On my wanderings I ride the elevator to an odd floor, walk up and down foreign faculty staircases and try and walk with confidence so no one tries to kick me out. This year I ended up in the Asia-Myer building and discovered they put out free tea and sandwiches for those who dared venture away from the traditional library! Unless they weren’t free and I took someone’s conference food. Oh well.

You may ask – why would you go to the library in the holidays? Simply put, I am avoiding doing chores in my sharehouse. And with the billion emails I am receiving it acts as a nice office away from home. Also good distraction finding random books on the 3rd floor of Baillieu, I would hit up the 300s if I were you.

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