My First Presentation!

A lot’s been going on at Uni, even though I don’t attend the campus. Virtual is easier to manage because I don’t have to travel. Never been the one to dress extra special to classes, but attending workshops in PJs is unbeatable.

I had a demo of my first presentation this evening and it wasn’t very smooth. But I am working with some really cool people and they make things seem very easy, even the goofy bits are funny.  The real one will be in two days and I better get my speech sorted and my diction perfect. Can’t slur like a drunk when you have an audience. My cat never minds it, but then she is more interested in listening to the management lectures than me talking. I am pretty sure she wants to be a manager when she grows up. She even starts cozying up to the laptop when the prof’s on zoom. Talk about sucking up to the professors 😒

I’ll worry about her career ambitions later, I got to focus on the day after tomorrow! Reminds me of the movie, just hoping my big day doesn’t turn out the same. It’s about something I have a huge interest in… yeah, Money $$$ and I get to talk to people about my work in Finance and Investing. How cool is that! Now, just to remember not to forget my words 🤣

Wish me luck guys and until next time, stay safe.

– love,

2 thoughts on “My First Presentation!

  1. So glad you’re working with cool people – that presentation life can be a struggle. Seems like your cat is thriving more than must humans at the moment. An icon.

  2. Attending classes in your PJs really is unbeatable! I tell myself that I’ll finally make an effort and the next thing I know, I’m sitting at my desk with my PJs (sometimes in bed still trying to wake up, if I’m honest)

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