Mid term Madness

It’s week 6 and the craziest one so far. Assignments are due but that’s not a problem for me. What’s giving me panic attacks is I have no background in some subjects and am learning everything right from the programming language it is written in, to the actual stuff they talk about in the lectures, tutorials AND somehow make sense of it all in the assignment.

I just ran out the tuts and still hyperventilating. Maybe some buttered toast will fix it. Food’s my goto to solve all the problems in life, maths or otherwise 😁

It will all turn out alright after a while, when I have spent more time with the study material than I have with any of my boyfriends ever, and known them inside and out 😜  … the study material, I mean. But, till that happens, toast will have to do.

-tc, love,

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