Canvassing the weekend

After last week’s mayhem, this one seems pretty quiet. New week, new assignments, new deadlines and new headaches. Rang out the old ones. That’s all to say about it.

Surprise! Found out that I have shrunk a size in the lockdowns and all my clothes fit the hangers better than me. Not rushing to the stores mid lockdown, nothing’s open anyways. At least the PJs fit 😁  Don’t care if they are oversize.

Gearing up for the big weekend, where I play the lectures on re-runs. Who needs Netflix when you have the profs on! Binge watching the week’s lectures is an experience in itself. More so when it’s on twice the speed and looks like a 30’s video in hi-def and color. I spend more time 🤣 like a 6 yr old than actually listening to what they are saying. Cat still prefers management, sometimes switches to technical though. Sitting on the keyboard never compiled any code for me, but she doesn’t give up on it. Must be some technology I don’t know.

While I figure that out, tc and stay safe.


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