🌞 Furniture oil and drip paintings 🌞

So, um, it’s October now.Β  Time flies when you’re having fun?

Nihilism aside, I have to be honest, quarantine hasn’t been complete trash.Β  And you know I actually have had fun the past couple of days – furniture oil and drip paintings.Β  It’s kind of funny, I don’t feel very different or that much has changed at home.Β  Maybe we’re just good at adjusting, although this lockdown has almost become the normal thing.

Speaking of adjusting, daylight savings!Β  Losing an hour of sleep is disgusting but it’s always worth it for that extra suntime.Β  And, speaking of sun, today was an absolutely 🌞🌞🌞 day in Melbourne which always puts me in the best mood.

So yeah, today’s post is about Positivity with a capital P.Β  My first go at this went completely off the rails so I’ve decided to reign it in.Β  Maybe I should think of something specific to write about rather than just sitting down and vomiting into the digital abyss.Β  Yep, good idea.Β  I’ve never written a blog before and if I’m being honest I’ve never read one either.Β  I know, shocking.Β Β 

I had a quick think about it, here are honestly a couple of really good things from Covid to keep in mind when feeling down:

  • every one is exercising so much more (if you don’t believe me just visit a park at literally any time of the day)
  • I value time with others more now.Β  And I value my family more
  • more time to practice (doesn’t mean I always do, but like, the thought counts. help)

Probably better not to mention the bad for now, save that for when assignments and recitals are due πŸ˜…


Tonight’s listening:Β  ‘Because I’m Me’ by The Avalanches / ‘Here Comes the 🌞’ by The Beatles (thanks to aishio for kicking off the spring vibes last week)

2 thoughts on “🌞 Furniture oil and drip paintings 🌞

  1. And thanks to YOU for continuing them with these incredible songs!!! I’m kinda enjoying quarantine, too!!!?!? And perhaps also daylight savings, but the 12:47PM wake-up was a little disconcerting.

    I hope your good vibes live on!!! :))))

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