Trials and errors

Last week’s experiment of not attending lectures totally blew up in my face. Turns out, I missed out on really important details about the assignment. I found it out over the weekend while going through the recordings, 3 days after the due date. Of course, I had to make the mistake that the prof specifically said not to 😒 Hoping I won’t lose marks over it 🤞

This week, I’ll be joining all zooms 5 min before start. Besides, all the time I saved last week on lectures was wasted in fantasizing about men. I don’t think it’s exactly prescribed school activity. At any rate, it does nothing to contribute to my marks 😜 And given that there are just two more weeks to go before the study break, I gotta focus!

It’s not just me focusing this week, cat’s supercharged too. She’s prowling the garden with ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in the background, ready to scratch out any eye, tiger or not 😼

And we can now go out and bump into some unwelcome kiwis, but still not open for business. Am I the only one who smells hypocrisy here 😷


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