From Passes to Honours, and everything in between

Honour the work that you’ve done so far.

Draw strength from your failures and use momentum to create your next masterpiece.

Enjoy the rhythm of working, of studying, of writing assignments.

Write essays when you feel inspired, when the words pour forth from you effortlessly.

Edit papers in quiet solitude and reveal the gems in your writing.

Proofread assignments, in peace, and not right before the deadline. Leave a week between editing your writing and come to it with fresh eyes. And ask, does it still make sense?

Write when you can and when you feel called to. You might find a talented writer within, yearning to write elegantly about your subject matter. You might find that you receive a H2B instead of P next time. You might find that in being more creative, you become more yourself, more you.

Phillip Pullman, said “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee”, (Stylish Academic Writing, Sword, 2012). So, dip and dive into your bookshelf, spend an afternoon simply reading, return to your assignment when you’re refreshed, and then write your little heart out. Celebrate your writing, regardless of what mark you receive, honour yourself for finishing something. Honour yourself for being you.

I thought after completing my Bachelor degree I would never have to write another 3000-word essay again, yet here I find myself writing a few, and in quick succession. Writing assignments don’t have to painful, you can make them into pieces of art; write interesting titles and sub-headings. Most importantly, write from the heart, so your mind feels at peace.

2 Responses to “From Passes to Honours, and everything in between”

  1. MoneyOverMen says:

    Somehow I get a feeling that you are going for that elusive H1 and there are good chances that you’ll get it 😏

  2. Raspberry & Rocks says:

    I’ll let you all know when! 🙂

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