Formula H1 Racing

I would have loved to have been a Formula 1 racing car driver, leaning into those curves around the sharp bends in the track and speeding along the straights. Instead, I became a lawyer and then a teacher. I’ve had a number of different jobs, sometimes after one contract ends, I feel like calling out to the Universe and saying “next!”.

Anyways, back to the driving metaphor. Sometimes, you need to pass successfully through the lower speed zones in order to drive at higher speeds, like 100-110 km/h. So, I guess, I had to receive a P, then a H2B before I received my first H1. Although, it was only for a assignment that is worth 20%, it was a good boost for my system. Hopefully, the next assignment result will be just as good.

As a fellow blogger said that ‘Ps for degrees’ and it’s not all about the results, I have to echo their comments. Keep your focus on your studies, just like the driver keeps his/her focus on the road and success will follow. Keep the focus on learning and you will enjoy the ride.

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