Study another day

With no lectures and tutorials this week, I am spending most of my time at the Career and Employability department (virtually, of course), picking their brains on resumes, jobs and internships. The number of times I have been there, I am sure I’ll get a job as their ‘Official Doorstopper’, if nothing else 😜

Not yet enjoying my new found outdoor freedom because I don’t have a hangout-gang here. But there’ll be enough time to find one after exams. Speaking of exams 😰 I need to find motivation to study. I just go on from disinterestedly browsing through 📖 to watching 📺. Totally should have signed up for the study-buddy program from the GSA. Kicking myself for it now 😖

Cat is trying to help with my studies though. She keeps pointing out the correct keys to press when I code. She is very good at peer coding and bossing me around. She’ll make a very good manager one day. #BossCat 😼

Doughnut days, but still take care.



P.S. For all the flowery language I use around how helpful everyone is and how awesome things are, I am seriously considering alternatives for next year. If the hurdles are too high to cross, might just find something else that doesn’t set me up for failure. After all, the whole point of my being at university right now is to find a career in finance and investment, not to be a snobby academic.

2 thoughts on “Study another day

  1. I’ll be part of your hangout crew, email me (use my dashboard address).

    Study, it will make your exams somewhat easier 🙂

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