Found my motivation

Exam season starts today πŸ˜₯ Mine are in the second half of the month and maybe I’ll finish my revision by then 🀞 Having done my time in the unforgiving IT industry, I am now a big believer in having more “life” in the work-life balance. Yesterday’s 15-hour-coding marathon was a first in a very long time and got me nostalgic.

I had been wanting to study at UniMelb ever since I found out it was the only university in Australia that expected me to have a minimum of 65% regardless of my bank balance. That was almost 10 years ago πŸ˜’ But life got in the way and studies got parked. Years later, when I moved to Australia, I coincidently got my first apartment just near my dream uni. That was back in 2015 and I always wondered what would it be like to study here. Was not stalking, I swear!

View from my first apartment

Cut to 2020, more twists and turns later, I am finally here and finding it out first handπŸ₯³ I never expected the studies to be easy, but I am still taken by surprise at how much efforts they need! I don’t yearn to be crowned the best student of the year and I have come to realize that H1 is reserved for nerdy bookworms who really-weally want to be a researcher βš—πŸ”¬πŸ§¬

My goal is to get enough marks to get me a job in yeah… finance and investment… that’s me 🀣 Which may or may not take me east, one day. Melbourne simply doesn’t have enough of those kind of opportunities, sadly. But until then, enjoying the coffee here.

And yeah, I am looking for option for next year. I am not keen on studying virtually where there is a lot of room for mis-interpretation πŸ˜› I might change my degree to something more Cat-appropriate (management-y) or defer it to when normal studies resume. Worst case, study where the jobs are… we’ll see. For now, I am super-charged πŸ”‹ for exams and living my dreams 🀩

A whole 🍩 week but study for exams and forget the beaches this month.


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