Done with exams

So much to do, and so little time [1] . That’s exactly how the exams went. Just glad they are over and done with and now I can enjoy summer.

Not saying that the semester is over, just boring studies are. Looking for fun things to do at Uni and make new friends, slow and steady! Then I’ll go looking for techies who want to get into finance, like me. It requires a lot of practice and skills, and I can use a group hug. I am hoping all the clubs will come alive and have tech summer camps. Mine is! I am learning a whole bunch of new things here. But that’s not really fun, it’s nerdy stuff.

Without turning this into a life story, I’ll talk about what I do for fun. I love all things food and like to look at art. Cannot draw a leaf to save my life but can gawk at one for hours 🍀 Same with men 😘 Now’s the time! I’ll do all the things that I haven’t because 📚

I am not taking up any subjects for summer because I am still undecided on what to study next. Do I want to be a manager like Cat, or should I take up cloud computing and live on one? Which one will get me a higher paying job? And which one has better long term prospects? I guess I’ll camp in Career and Employability for summer. Can ask them all these questions and also live the uni-life 😎

Not sure I’ll have much to talk about next week, so stay safe and have fun until next time.


References :
[1] Joker. Batman (1989)  – I don’t think this is IEEE referencing format but who cares 🤣

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