Last Exam tomorrow!


Less yay my roof is leaking again.  That storm we had a couple of days ago ripped right through, bit of ⚡️ and ⛈ next thing you know it’s just drippity dripping and waking me up at some godforsaken hour.  I mean it was only 6am but like not the ideal start to a day if you know what I mean.

So yeah 2020 is just kinda finishing up and that’s that.  I’m not sure if you guys get the same feeling for the academic stuff, but every year once I finish a big recital there is an odd period of letdown.  I think the trick is to always have another project on the go, something else to focus on.  Right now, that’s my new job selling shoes as well as a band my mates put together months ago but haven’t really started because COVID :'(

I had my first legit shift today which put me under the pump.  Technically I haven’t finished getting trained up in all the shoe lingo, but someone calls in sick what else can you do but throw in the trainee?  It was good though, I think the only way to learn is by doing.

Much love to you all, I better get some sleep before tomorrow


Tonight’s Listening: ‘Achilles Come Down’ by Gang of Youths

5 thoughts on “Last Exam tomorrow!

  1. We made it !!! So proud <333

    Seems like you really had to learn on your FEET !! And what a masterpiece !! 7-minute songs are true pieces of art, always. Pyramids by Frank Ocean is another such piece of art (but 9:53 :0)

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