What next?

Must say, disappointed with the study modes for next semester. The dual-mode is only for a handful of subjects but most of them are online. Totally not going to work for me 😤

But I am not jumping on the next flight out of here and moving to Gold Coast just yet. I have worked a lot of odd jobs in Melbourne, including IT ( those were the oddest 🤣) and I have had weird experiences ranging from mild discrimination to outright harassment. The last time I tried my hand at studies in a TAFE, I was the only person without a partner in the whole batch, can’t say I felt included. I didn’t have high hopes from UniMelb after all of that and was kind-of ready to move, if it didn’t work out. But in the past few months, I have felt more at home here than all of my jobs put together.

There hasn’t been a single incident where I have been offended by word or deed from either the students or the staff. I have interacted with students from different backgrounds and they have all been very respectful, accepting and friendly. It is a big deal for me. I haven’t let my guard down yet and I still keep looking over my shoulder, wary of people, paranoid from past experiences. But this place is slowly growing on me. So I guess, I’ll be a permanent fixture here 🌴

Does not mean I agree with everything and nod stupidly. The study mode for one! Having online lectures was great. I could play them like boring edu-documentaries my parents used to make me watch and I had my best sour face on, to let them know I hate it 🤢 Tutorials, nope, didn’t work out at all. I didn’t even have to make a face because I just wondered ‘WTF is going on here?’ 🥴 I was so looking forward to being less clueless next semester 😪

In other news, I found out a uni program that teaches people how to swim and lets them practice for free. Signed up for it! Now, if only there were driving classes… 😏

I think we’ll have a 🍩 month. Can’t wait to get the masks off, inside and out 😜 Tc.


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