Thank you,2020

Time passes so fast and we will soon say goodbye to 2020.

This is a special year.

In this year, everyone confronts unprecedented challenges that could not have been imagined.

But, this is life, full of unexpected things.

The only thing we can do it to adapt. Once we have learned how to adapt, we will understand life.

Although this pandemic is a tragedy,I also want to show thanks for this tough year.

Because of this pandemic, because of this disaster, we are studying and reflecting on today’s great changes, ranging from health conditions to global issues. This dilemma gives us great opportunities to learn how to change ourselves to adapt to the future.

In this year, we already see the world faced with an unprecedented, once in a century crisis. Throughout the course of human development, disaster has never been lacking. However, it is rare to have a situation like today. Following disaster, we face such great global unease. This is truly worrisome. But worries are never useful. We should act instead of worry.

This lesson in 2021 also lets us realize the importance of global cooperation. The world will be better if we can find our common ground and to respect our differences.

2021 is coming.

At this turning point, we should thank yesterday, change today and believe in tomorrow. There is no expert of the future because none has been to the future. The best way to predict the future is to create it. The size of your hearts will determine the size of our world.

We should believe in the future,putting our trust in believing in a better world.

It can be a new beginning. The road ahead is full of challenges, but also full of hope. As long as we work hard together, we can definitely help the world step into a better future.

Thank you,2020.

Best wishes,2021.


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