Happy Holidays

Still not sure if I have passed or failed, had a turbulent semester and it shows on the report card. A lot of admin details are pending and that means, I’ll not know my results until all the kinks are smoothed out. But just to be on the safe side, I am using the holidays to revise the concepts and rework the problems. I would rather redo my exams, than spend the holidays at home πŸ‘»

That’s not because I don’t like my folks, I am just enjoying the freedom and the single life a bit too much. Also because I have a new family here. Yes, it’s me and Cat forever! And it’s Cat’s birthday this week. Not a coincidence that it falls in the holiday season. She came home one lonely Christmas when I told the shelter that I am looking for a 🐈 with a broken smile, and she will be loooooved… 🎼🎡🎢 They said they knew the perfect πŸŽ„ toppler. Along came Cat and she pretty much started ordering me around the minute she cat-walked into the room, been bossing me since πŸ₯Ί #BossCat

So I’ll be busy cooking her the perfect fish and giving her a manicure. And not like it’s a big deal or anything 🀣, but Google recruiters are comming today to campus for a chat. It’s a virtual event and nah, not excited even a little bit. Got my poker face on, like I don’t care 😝

Enjoy the holidays and have fun.


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