Merry Christmas

Have a joyful one – from me and Cat to you and yours 🥳

Everybody’s on a holiday and I guess, I should take one too and stop writing but I joined mid-year, so technically still a first year. Besides, I am not putting down my pen until told otherwise 😤😝😜

Apart from cooking fancy feasts for Cat, I made fresh hand-rolled pasta this week. Another ✅ on my holiday to-do list. And now that I have my Christmas menu sorted, can focus on other things, like planning out the next semester.

I don’t want a repeat of the last one, so less “extra” and more “curricular” in the next 🤪 and get the activities out of the way in downtime, which is a fancy corporate term for ‘having nothing else to do’ 😂

So, building a website for the club and hosting it on Google Cloud! Super cool stuff 😎 If all goes well, it’ll be up and running before NYE. Will keep you posted 🤣

Until then, stay safe and party on.


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