It’s finally here!

Happy New Year, y’all 💃 Donno how you guys celebrated yours, but I have a lot of quirky NY traditions that kept me busy. I change something that I use everyday in the New Year to mark the occasion. Much cheaper and more meaningful than partying. Also, I spend the NYE either working or reading.

This year I am updating the room décor, got my first art piece 😁 and now I’ll make a new lampshade and curtains to go with it 🤩 I wasn’t working or reading but got my project running that day 🥳 and I jotted down my new year resolutions.

Don’t have to worry about losing weight this year, the JobSeeker rate cut will make sure I don’t have an extra ounce to spare 😝 But I plan to keep using my supersuper account to save money. It’s a superannuation account that puts a certain % of your spending into your super fund. In short, you get super because you spend 🤣 No kidding, it’s real. I started last year on 1st Jan and now my super balance is $1500.

My super balance 👆

My contribution hasn’t been much but the point here is not how poor I am. Although it’s a valid one, good on you for quick thinking 🤪 But I feel all pink cotton candy, glitter rainbows and fluffy clouds every time the balance goes up, even a tiny bit. Besides, I want to get into Investment Banking so I need to get my finance sorted. Who’s gonna trust a banker who can’t mind her own money 🧐

My other resolution – make sure Cat attends all her management lectures so she can successfully boss people around, not just in the neighborhood but the entire world 😾 #BossCat. Small goals but they’ll pay in the long run. Now I just have to put them into action 😁

Stay safe and away from Sydney-siders.


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