Settled in

Holidays are over and everything that froze 🥶 last month is now comming back to life. I am moving from my holiday projects to attending virtual meetings and other stuff.

Expenses are through the roof, thanks to the sale season 😝 and I wish somebody started a super program where I could get super contribution for my rent, car repayments and myki fare! 🥺

I got new curtain and lampshade fabrics but they won’t be finished until mid year. There’s not going to be much room for anything else with my job and studies 🤣 Speaking of my job, I am set for a next week start and it looks like a smooth sailing atleast until April 🤞 Super excited! Not just because it’s a cool place to work, but also because I get to learn a lot about 💰 there.

Won’t bore you with that. Stay safe and hope it’s not Goodbye Gabba.


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