Back to work

Still waiting for the offer letter for the Software with Business course, should be arriving anyday now 💌

It’s been a very happening week on personal front and while I huffed and puffed and pushed and shoved, Cat blissfully slept through it all, probably dreaming about leading teams on weekdays and chasing mice on weekends #BossCat

Work started this week and it’s good to be back! Am in training and soaking it all up like Spongebob 🤣 And now that I can’t attend virtual events in office hours, looking for the real after-work ones with actual people in them. Got a job, don’t want another one, just looking for pizza 🍕 and people 👫👭👫 Mostly pizza. Hope they order the one with pineapple. Doesn’t matter if it’s not on top 😝

Masks are finally off. Stay safe.


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