Buckling up

Not much Uni-related going on for me this week. Did not get selected for back-to-campus job I had applied for at Uni or the Grad internship with GSA, so not much involved in start of the year activities 🙅‍♀️

I’ll be attending the orientation sessions I can (online 🥴) Heard the on-campus ones gave students free jackets or hoodies, whatever you like to call them and a lot of other freebies. Trying hard not to feel swindled out of them 😣 The charm of online meetings has worn off too. Overall – feeling meh about it.

But realising a lot of fun stuff about… well, just stuff.

👁 Openers :
1) Thesaurus is not a dinosaur 🦖
2) Fruit bars are food and not same as Wine bars 🍷
3) The actual time I’ll be attending workshops and lectures is just from March to May! 🥳

The last one is quite a game-changer for me, means less stress of juggling my work-study schedule. Although, not having anymore dreams of being chased by a giant Thesaurus with sharp teeth is pretty cool too 😎

Keep masking 😷


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