Lockup woes

They are harder for me than most people as I don’t have a family here and I end up being locked up in my room, not seeing humans for days, sometimes weeks on end.

Coupled with restrictions on food that doesn’t last a whole week, closed libraries, limited recreation, no outdoor exercise for a dozen reasons, I have decided to christen them as ‘Lockups’ rather than ‘Lockdowns’. If it looks like 💩 and it smells like 💩 then it must be… 🤣

Last week, I was quite enjoying my daily commute to work, and things being sorted at uni (mostly, still waiting for my fee remission from last semester), life was going good. Was looking to attend some singles event this Valentine’s day, get me brand new boyfie maybe. Of course, with Cat’s seal of approval – more important than mom’s 😝 But nah 🥀

Won’t cry over spilt milk, there’s orientation to attend and more clubs to join! Time to renew old memberships and make new friends. Now that I am not travelling, I can attend more O-week sessions online. The free swimming lessons at uni might start soon too 🥳

Totally looking forward.


P.S. 🎼🎼🎼 I will surviveeeeeeee… 😤

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