Cheers to new beginnings

O-week in full swing !!! Me and Cat went to the Engineering orientation before work and took some cool pics at the photo booth. That’s me, looking all cute and excited and that’s Cat, with the ‘I won’t flunk this semester’ determination in her eyes.

She’s got the look 😾

Sooooo looking forward to after-work in-person O-week events and meeting new people!!! It will take my mind off Cat’s  changing food habits.

No more fancy feasts, she has taken a fancy to fancier foods. It’s toasted bread, buttered side up for breakfast, dijon mustard, jalapenos and crackers for tea and grapes for supper. Next thing you know, we’ll be having cheese boards in cat bowls 😒  I totally need to go out 🤪

Bump into you at some event 😁


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