Check In-Time #8-a half asleep rambling

2:42am, Singapore. Currently doing some boring administrative things such as clearing my inbox. My, it has been a long while since I last blogged- I daresay it has been more than a month already. I originally wanted to do a blogpost for Lunar New Year, since I celebrate it in Singapore with my family. However Lunar New Year came and left;and it was mainly spent on my Feb intensive and duties for SummerFest anyways. (Yes to in-person SummerFest over online SummerFest though 🙁 )

Yeap, it’s that time of year again: a new semester beginning. Honestly, I don’t know what to feel about it. A semester ago, maybe because it was my first one in uni (thus causing me to have a false sense of optimism), I felt all recharged and prepared. Fast forward to now-when the semester hasn’t (officially) begun (technically it began for me in 18th Jan with pre-readings but). I’m feeling physically and mentally exhausted, along with a huge dose of apprehension for the weeks ahead. I’ve recently been reading my previously submitted assessments last semester– and can I say that familiarity breeds comfort, I suddenly really miss last sem’s modules :((

I mean, I’m far from adequately prepared. For starters, I haven’t even begun on the readings for my first tutorial as I was out all day today. Though I don’t feel guilty about it; it was a lovely catchup with a long-time friend. I’ll gladly wake up earlier tomorrow to do it.

Looking back on my holidays: while I did not fufill some things off my checklist such as learning a new skill/taking up a new course, I did have a productive break. Juggling my volunteer job, paid job, as well as various student clubs and associations- these experiences were pretty good as well.

Either way, it’s back to the grind. Just wanted to type a short post to say I’m alive, and will continue blogging (as much as I can!!). I’ll (try) to be excited about what the next semester has to bring 🙂 Wishing everyone the best of luck.

Time for bed now; my eyes are half open as I’m typing this.

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