So it begins!

Was feeling lucky that my work schedule had worked out to allow me enough time to relax and finish studies… until I saw the tutorials schedule with tracked attendance and participation, all in work hours 🙇‍♀️  Can’t even drop the subject as it’s mandatory before the project next semester. Now I’ll have to accomplish double backflips and jump through fire hoops just to get a point and half. Sometimes I wonder if my degree is Masters in Stress Management with Frustration 🤣

This semester is going to be every bit as tough as I had thought it would be. Just got lucky with very understanding employers who arrange my work around my studies. Don’t want to stretch it though as I’ll need a lot of it when the exams come. Wondering if the participation point is worth the hassle 🤔 After all, paying bills and making sure Cat has roof to rule over is just as important as her attending the lectures.

I am finally off Centrelink and I don’t accept financial support from my folks. Financial freedom is very important to me. Guess that’s decision made then. The points will have to rearrange themselves somewhere else on my marksheet 😁

Also discovered Burritos this week. Mind officially blown!!!! 🤯 Just pack everything on the plate in a couple of wraps and yo! Perfect lunch to-go 😎 Think it’s gonna be a regular feature in my winter menu 🌯

Still haven’t given up on events yet. Bump into you, sometime, somewhere… maybe


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