Finding favourites

Yo! To all ya hard-workers and lazy-asses out there, Happy Labour Day, people 🥳 and Happy International Women’s Day to nobody in particular. Just celebrate it, if you want to 👯‍♀️🕴👯‍♂️

I have a day-off at work, so I am totally celebrating it. Now sure how but will figure it out. I am also trying to figure out my favourite subject this semester. Last one, I just slogged through the very-difficults and less-difficults 🤣 This one is different! The course and the subjects are more my-type and and I am genuinely interested in them.

One of my subjects has an oddly timed tutorial and no exams, plus I won’t even have to code! 🤩 It would have won The Best Subject Ever 👑 if only the tutorial time worked out 🤓 Another one has no tutorials at all and has sessions during lectures instead. This one would have won the 👑 too if there were no exams 🤣

The other two subjects actually have tuts in the evening 🥰 I can attend them after work and still finish dinner on time. Will have to miss my evening soaps but I am sure, the team-work drama will make up for it 😜

Pretty excited about this sem and I have a feeling my results will be much better this time. Just a hunch 🤷‍♀️

Party on, peeps 🤘


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