Quite odd

A steep deviation from my weekly post, but the occasion calls for it 🥳

I received the results of my fee remission appeal and it has been rejected because they need medical proof of my being mentally affected by my sudden job loss and are not accepting that the changes were made in a day due to covid.

My other evidence is deemed insufficient. I have been told to apply to the tribunal which will cost me around a $1000.

While I might not do that and let the matter go, the treatment and the pricey lesson will be well remembered long into my Alumni days. Not sure help here reaches those who really need it.

I don’t go around writing lengthty letters begging for money, I would rather sign up for double shifts at work 😒 So not lining up for any scholarships or handouts. Nah, not again 🤢

And not ranting about refunds on websites like a seasoned Karen 🤪 Just wondering if I, with all evidence, emails and supporting documents, can’t get a fair result on a genuine case, how many more go unheard!

Meanwhile, my swimming lessons will start soon and all the employment sessions I attended last sem are paying off now. Fortunately, I have grown up enough now not to mix issues up and blame the whole of the university as giant headless monster 👻 Personally, I have learned and benefitted a lot more than the fees I have paid ⚖️

Alrighty, talked enough! Time for Cat’s hot chocolate topped with strawberry flavoured whipped cream ☕️ See you next week.


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