Take it easy

Pockets are feeling a lot lighter after paying the fees for this semester but glad that Cat can continue her quest for knowledge 😁

For some reason, studies are not too stressful this time. I am not making lecture notes, going through recordings thrice a week till I am sick of it. Instead, focusing on concepts and looking at the bigger picture. It’s working out so far, I had enough time over the weekend to work through the eternal mystery of my non-existent love live. Yeah, figured out I need to get one 😆 Not sure where to start, any tips? Not into online dating. Tried them, they suck.

VERY excited about my first ever swimming lesson this week. I even got a brand new tankini to celebrate 🥳. Hope the water’s not too cold, I just can’t breathe in cold water, even knee deep. No wonder I can’t swim 😣 Won’t tell you what happens when I drive 🤣

Swim on 🤘



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