I did it!

Yeah… I went to the Uni for the first time ever! Was soooooo stoked that I got lost and then had to ask my way around. It’s just as awesome in real life as it in pics. Found the map, with all the directions, on my way out 😆

I was here

My swimming lesson was no less interesting. I discovered that I float and that me and Cat both hate being in water with a vengeance. We both try to jump up out as fast as we can. But the similarities end there. Cat wants you to know that Cat is not fat and Cat is a better programmer than I am #BossCat

Although her doctor disagrees with her about her weight, Cat has neither lost appetite nor sleep over it. Certainly not the kilos 😝 And yeah, she does roll her eyes when I code and snores as loudly as felinely possible, to let me know her opinion of my coding skills 🤣

I have still managed to stay on track with my assignments and even submitted them before time. Was kinda worried if I could manage homework along with the extra-curricular going on, but the swimming lessons fit in perfectly with my schedule. And even though I suck big-time and literally can’t swim to save my life, I am totally going again next week 😤

Can’t wait to be back.


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