Some of my favourite things…

Something different for today’s post, a list. And everyone loves a good list.

This list is what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy!

  1. Studying.
  2. Submitting assignments before time.
  3. Drinking bubble tea.
  4. Sipping flat whites.
  5. Making coffee with the coffee machine at work.
  6. Started a new job.
  7. Attended a job interview.
  8. Drinking matcha lattes.
  9. Texting old friends and my network.
  10. Listening to Oprah on Youtube.
  11. Shopping at Kikki-k.
  12. Playing with washi tape and my planner.
  13. Writing to my University of Melbourne penpal.
  14. Buying new shoes and work clothes.
  15. Having a great time at work.
  16. Writing this list.



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